Justin Michau
I’m homesick for arms that don’t want to hold me. M.O.W, A ten word story - imwritingpoems (via perfect)

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I don’t even understand what happened

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Honestly though, tonight felt like you were trying to push me away. Almost like you’ve realized that you don’t want to be around me anymore.
Short answers
Abrupt endings
Harsh words
I know I’m not always the most helpful or the most fun to get along with. I’m sorry for whatever I did to upset you… But I’m also sorry that you didn’t think to tell me that you’re sorry too. Please forgive me. But please take my thoughts & emotions into consideration too.
I’m so selfish, still thinking of myself through all of this. I want the absolute best for you, honestly I do, but I’m hurt too you know.
Have you forgotten that you have my heart & that you promised to be careful with it? Please.. If you don’t want it, tell me now. Tell me now.
Please, if you want to push me away, just cut me off completely because I can’t bear to have you slowly shut me out. I just can’t.



Anonymous said: Who is it that you're so in love with? He must be amazing for you to write such beautiful poetry about him.

He’s the one I talk to when I’m shrieking with excitement over something childish. He’s the one I talk to when I’m so sad that I can only say, “it’ll be okay, I’ll be okay.” He’s the one who I always want to talk to. He’s the one I’m constantly afraid of scarring away. He’s the one who tells me everything exactly how it is. He’s the one who opens up to the me the way I’ve seen him do with no one else. He’s the one who makes me feel safe. He’s the one I trust with my deepest secrets, hopes, & fears. He is the sunshine on my face. He is the one who leads me to the Rock that is higher than I. He is the one who makes me giggle like a child. He is the one who calls me by my middle name. He is the one I’m constantly trying to impress, even though I know that he already loves me. He’s the one who drove to my house just to look at the stars with me. He’s the one who puts up with my craziness. He’s the one who I’m terrified will leave because I think that one day he may think I’m not worth everything he has to deal with to be with me. He’s the one who makes me laugh so hard that my jaw hurts. He’s the one who makes me smile like a ray of sun light. He’s the one I’d do anything for, just to make sure he is safe or happy. He’s the one who occupies my thoughts at night. He’s the one who occupies my thoughts all day. He’s my best friend. He’s the one I want to be with. He is the one I love. And he’s too precious to just be broadcast across the Internet by name without knowing it. But trust me, he is truly the most wonderfully intriguing person you’ll ever know. He doesn’t even know how much sunlight emits from his soul, but its warmth is always shining on my face & I love it.


This world is so vast, yet I spend most of my time thinking about you & me. And I’m perfectly alright with that